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Senior Career Coach | Resume Specialist

Marcy Fletchall is an experienced senior and executive career coach and prolific resume writer. Her reputation as a subject matter expert in executive, career coaching, and outplacement services is well-known. She understands the job search, career pivot, and career transition processes, offering expert advice to support client success. Marcy is a trusted advisor for leadership development and performance.

Her industry experience covers information technology, oil and gas, pharma, healthcare, insurance, banking, consumer products, education, manufacturing, telecommunications, advertising, nonprofits, and government. She holds an MBA as well as various certifications.

Core Competencies

Career Development | Job Search
Excellence Coach & Consultant
Communication in all forms
DEI | Disability | Client Advocate
Inspire trust | Confidence
Empathetic | Active Listener
Client Engagement

Career Pivots & Transitions
Client-Focused | Relationship Builder
Creative | Innovative
Competency Development
Problem Solver | Logical Thinker
Resume Specialist | ATS Writer
Motivator | Empowerment

Outplacement Operations | Services
Adaptive | Flexible | Agile
Human Resources Senior Level
Leader | Strategic Planner
Exceptional Communicator
Assessments & Analysis
Networking & Industry Trends

Areas of Expertise

Assist Clients with Job Search, Career Pivot, and Career Transition:

Guide clients in exploring their career interests, defining and establishing career goals, exploring their strengths, and developing action plans to succeed. Collaborate with clients to establish clear skills and core competencies, aligning them with personal strengths, workplace values, and aspirations. Develop customized action plans, helping clients make informed decisions and progress toward their desired careers.

Personalized Career Planning:

The tailored coaching sessions suit individual needs, recognizing that each client has unique strengths, challenges, and goals. Each client is provided “white glove” services by a “5-Star” Coach and Resume Specialist.

Conduct Virtual Coaching Sessions:

Successfully conduct virtual coaching sessions, catering to clients at different career stages and locations worldwide. Utilize virtual communication platforms to provide interactive, engaging, and informative coaching experiences. Receive a 100% client satisfaction rate through virtual coaching, fostering strong client relationships.

ATS Compliant Resumes and Cover Letters:

As a dynamic Resume Specialist, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) optimized resume is created that increases clients’ chances of getting noticed by employers and securing interviews. Gather essential information about their career goals, professional experience, skills, and the specific job position they are targeting to tailor the resume to their unique career aspirations. Produce a resume that strategically incorporates researched keywords seamlessly woven into the content for a well-structured format that is compelling, highlighting the clients’ relevant core competencies, skills, and career achievements to address the job requirements. The format of the resume is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.

Before delivering the final resume to the client, a last review guarantees the resume fully addresses their career goals and aligns with the targeted job posting. The client receives guidance on tailoring their resume for different job applications and offers tips on optimizing their LinkedIn presence to enhance their overall job search strategy. An ATS resume maximizes clients’ chances of being shortlisted for interview opportunities, helping them advance their careers and secure their desired positions. Cover letters align with the resume, highlighting the client’s top three to four core competencies or career achievements.

Extensive Experience in Career Development:

Significant experience in career development and coaching, working with a diverse range of individuals, successfully assisting in their career journeys, from graduates and entry-level professionals to mid-career changers and senior executives, and understanding the nuances of each group.

Expertise in Assessments and Analysis:

Proficient in conducting assessments and introducing exercises to evaluate clients’ skills, interests, and values to apply this information to provide tailored career strategies to aid clients in gaining valuable insights into their skills and preferences that align with job posting and career objectives. Offer transparent and actionable advice to help clients perfect their elevator pitch, interview technique, and salary negotiation skills. Boost and enrich clients’ self-confidence and decision-making skills, increasing successful career transitions and satisfaction.

Exceptional Communication Skills:

Successfully communicate effectively, setting clear expectations with clients to build strong rapport, trust, and respect, making every effort to understand client needs and guide them through career exploration and job search.

Results-Oriented Approach:

Work with clients to achieve measurable outcomes such as increased job satisfaction, successful career transitions, and effective career pivots through improved job search techniques.

Knowledge of Industry Trends:

Actively stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, job markets, and emerging best practices to provide relevant and current advice. Regularly engage in online courses for professional development to implement new coaching techniques, strategies, and resume writing. Share insights and teach clients, ensuring they benefit from the latest industry knowledge and techniques.

Networking and Relationship Building:

Help clients build and expand their professional networks by encouraging them to foster meaningful industry relationships, enhancing their career prospects.

Empowerment and Motivation:

Able to inspire and empower clients to actively take charge of their careers using a motivational approach to overcoming obstacles and encouraging proactive career development.

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Client Testimonials


Maddy Amann

Marcy Fletchall did an amazing job of not only preparing me for the entire job application process, but also making me feel confident and deserving of a great position. She really helped me to identify my strengths and career highlights to call out on applications and in interviews, but also to make me feel more confident about my experienced and the things I have accomplished. I strongly recommend working with her!


Harlan Haught

I had 4 sessions with Marcy. We focused on four areas of growth and improvement around my career development and accomplished a great deal in a small amount of time. On top of the advancement across 4 areas of growth, she vastly improved my resume.

This was my first experience with career coaching and it was a great success. I enjoyed my time with Marcy and would recommend her to my friends and family.


Harrison Levicky

I want to take a moment and thank Marcy for all her hard work and guidance through the process of identifying how I could stand out to recruiters and showcase my technical and interpersonal skills professionally for the world to see! She did a great job with resources to help me gain certifications to advance my career and went above and beyond to work through personal challenges that were holding me back on living to the best potential. I am happy with the results and new tools I have to move forward and ascend toward a brighter future!


Angie Hybiak

Marcy Fletchall was an amazing coach and so very helpful to me. I highly recommend using Ascend. She was a true joy to work with!


Ryan Darmody

The team has been nothing short of amazing and Marcy came in at the perfect time for my career transition. Words cannot describe how worth it Ascend Career and Life Strategies helped propel me to being the best version of my professional self and to get the job I wanted. Thank you 3000!


Nicole Pearce

I want to express my sincere appreciation for Marcy Fletchall’s invaluable assistance throughout my job search and transition period. Marcy’s dedication in refining my resume was instrumental in my ability to promptly apply for a highly sought-after position. Her expertise in resume writing yielded interviews with two prestigious organizations. Marcy also provided insightful guidance on leveraging my professional network, which proved pivotal in securing one of these significant interview oppertunities. Throughout this challenging phase, Marcy remained a steadfast source of encouragement and support. I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with her and highly recommend her career services to anyone seeking expert guidance in their career journey.


Yamin Ko

The insights, expertise, and wisdom that Marcy brings to our meetings are invaluable. During a challenging phase in my career, she was the beacon that showed me the way. Marcy is a reservoir of knowledge for anyone seeking guidance. She genuinely invest in the success of her clients. Marcy has consistently gone the extra mile to help me maneuver through my work challenges. She’s always there when I need her the most. I am lucky to have Marcy as my career mentor. Her impact is immeasurable and extends far beyond our sessions.